Pivotal Imaging offers schools and education facilities a range of photographic services to help market themselves and capture both student imaginations and prospective parents.

School image showing male teacher asking young students a question.


Pivotal Imaging offers professional photographic services and 360 degree virtual tours which benefit teachers, parents and school children.

We will provide you with creative imagery that captures the vibrant essence of your school setting and showcases your school buildings to prospective parents.

Every school is unique, so we work with you to outline a full brief in advance. With over 15 years of experience our DBS vetted team of Photographers are well equipped in providing you with the right content for promoting your school’s website, social media and brochures.

University photography showing a lecturer teaching a small group of keen looking students in a library setting.


  • Interior/Exterior photography for listings/brochures and websites.
  • Staff portraiture.
  • Reportage ‘life at school’ photography.
  • Drone Imagery and videos.

360 Virtual

The 360 Virtual tour is one of the most powerful marketing and educational tools available to schools.

It allows prospective students and parents to view the school in detail before they attend any physical open days, meetings or other visits, showcasing the schools facilities and classrooms.

For those students with stress or anxiety complaints a walkthrough tour can be used to locate classrooms and plan routes in advance, decreasing first day worries and increasing confidence.

Virtual tour Benefits

  • Interior/Exterior 360 images capturing the whole site.
  • Digital floor plan
  • Digital 360 'Dolls house' view showing your school buildings in 3D.
  • Special features digitally annotated.
  • Classrooms digitally annotated.
  • Fire safety details highlighted.

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