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Pivotal Imaging offers commercial property businesses a range of imaging services to support your interaction with customers and clients. We work with you to create captivating still photography and virtual tours which market your company to new clients, and your portfolio to busy buyers.

Architectural interior photograph of a warehouse space.


We have over 15 years of professional photography experience combining technical excellence with creative skill to deliver outstanding images that help you market and sell your products and propositions.

Tailored around your commercial goals, our services help give your portfolio an extra push in today’s ultra competitive market. We highlight a property’s selling points using perfectly composed interior & exterior photographs that help you bring your listings to life.

An industrial photograph of a steel frame factory building at dusk.


  • Interior/Exterior photography for listings/brochures and websites.
  • Before and after comparison Photography.
  • Drone Imagery and videos.
  • Imaging grading and retouching.
  • Fully branded digital professional property marketing packs**

360 Virtual

Why lose time on prospective buyers that rule themselves out after a site visit?

A properly annotated 360 Virtual Tour can qualify prospective leads before they set foot over the threshold. Empower your agents to take back their time and focus on the leads most likely to land sales.

Still image of a 360 virtual tour dolls house showing old English house.

Virtual tour Benefits

  • Interior/Exterior 360 images capturing the whole site.
  • Digital floor plan.
  • Special features digitally annotated with key information.
  • Fully 3D with rooting ‘dolls house’ view that allows users to see the whole building all at once.
  • Reinforce existing fire and general safety provisions.

Floor Plans

Part of the services we offer commercial agents and business is the floor plan outline of the property being imaged.

Floor Plan Features

  • Digitally measured.
  • Room name and dimension labelling.
  • Measurement in ft/m and sqft/sqM
  • Reinforce existing fire and general safety provisions.
  • Colour or black and white available.

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